Gain deeper insight into specific poses or practices, focus on your personal goals, ask questions, and receive specific modifications to enhance the experience of your practice

Private Sessions

at the studio, in-home, corporate, or private parties

If you’re beginning your yoga practice or wish to deepen and refine your practice, consider private sessions.  Receive personal guidance  tailored to the needs of your own body.  We teach to people of all ages from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re looking for a personalized practice, an event for your company, or a way to find zen on your wedding day consider private or semi-private yoga!  Call (443) 873-7902 for group pricing

In Studio Private Session60 Minutes
Single $90
5 Pack$425
10 pack$800

In Home/Office Private Session60 Minutes

call or email to book

5 Pack$475-$700

call or email to book

10 pack$900-$1350

call or email to book