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BambooMoves is the best deal in yoga in all of Baltimore. That’s without even running any specials! Just $89/month for unlimited practice with some of the best yoga teachers Baltimore has to offer. Our yoga studio packs all the charm you would expect from a yoga studio in our Charm City. From our location in iconic Locust Point, near historic Fort McHenry, to the ornate 19th-century, silver, tin ceilings and glossy-white tin walls

meeting the ‘pistachio ice cream’ paint below, meeting the bamboo floor, to the live music classes on Wednesdays, BambooMoves Yoga is unique among yoga studios in Baltimore. Check the schedule, book a class and come move with us. BambooMoves is easy to find, convenient to get to and easy to love, with a yoga practice that is accessible, yet challenging. The hardest part is showing up. See you on the mat!

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Yoga & Live Music


a flow for every yogi

All Levels

This multi-level class is recommended for experienced practitioners as well as newer students with a sense of adventure! Following the teacher’s cues, you’ll get…Read More

Yoga Basics

New to Yoga? Learn basic poses with a focus on aligning the body and connecting each movement to the breath. This class is a practical introduction to the yoga practice…Read More

Level I

A moderate paced class with a focus on deepening basic poses. In Level 1 class we string flowing movement throughout the practice and introduce creative transitions…Read More

Level II-III

Level II/III Classes will include more intermediate and advanced postures and variations such as arm balances, inversions, and backbends. These classes are a time to play with your practice…Read More

Open Meditation

A guided meditation practice that will introduce you to various techniques that are easily accessible to the everyday yogi. Experience greater health and increased internal peace…Read More

Sunrise All Levels

Beat the heat and join Courtnay for an early morning yoga practice that will energize your body, awaken your mind, and prepare you for your day. Practicing…Read More


Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to help prepare the body and mind for labor, birth, and motherhood. Learn to relax through mental centering and focused breathing to benefit both…Read More


All Levels Live Music

Transform, transcend and be inspired. Enjoy this candlelit class with live acoustic music by Monica Ott. Monica provides an unforgettable focus, drawing you into the present…Read More

Mommy & Baby Yoga

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful things a woman’s body and mind will experience in her life, but it is also one of the most difficult.Yoga is the journey back…Read More

Yoga Remix

Get ready for the weekend with this faster paced All Levels vinyasa class set to an eclectic playlist that includes everything from Pop to Hip Hop. RE-MIX!

Gentle Yoga

A gently paced class that instills comfort and strength to explore a blossoming practice. This is a perfect class for new students regardless of age, yogis who are…Read More

Elevate & Restore

This class is a unique opportunity to learn how to elevate your consciousness through an exploration of pranayama (breath control) and meditation. Restore and release stress…Read More


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