Our Story

“Where your Body, Mind, and Spirit Moves”

BambooMoves originally opened in Forest Hills, NY in 2007 and from there sprouted into a growing collective of studios from Englewood, NJ to Palisades Park, NJ to Nyack, NY, and finally to Baltimore, MD. Monica Ott founded BambooMoves Baltimore in her hometown in 2013 because she wanted to share its deeply spiritual lineage and yoga’s vast healing power that she continues to receive from it everyday! BambooMoves hosts annual 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Trainings, workshops, and retreats.

BambooMoves Yoga is a joyous, inclusive and welcoming community for people of all backgrounds to practice yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Through our teaching, students will become flexible and strong in body and mind and better equipped to deal with the various challenges of our stress-filled modern lives; essentially embodying the qualities of Bamboo itself.

Throughout the centuries, Bamboo has been a valued life source and artistic inspiration to people all over the world. Bamboo has been used for food, medicine, clothing, building material, weaponry, furniture, utensils, and much more. Bamboo has a tall and hollow stem with luxuriant foliage, creating a look of grace and purity. Despite this, it can grow on infertile land and tolerate all types of weather. Standing ever strong and quickly regenerating despite challenging environments, bamboo has become a symbol of beauty and integrity.