As we approach Independence Day, a day of freedom, liberation, and unity, I am reminded of the connection to the seventh chakra, Sahasrara. This energy center lies at the very center on the top of the head (right where a baby’s soft spot would be) and is called the ‘crown’ chakra. Also known as the ‘thousand petaled lotus,’ It is our direct communication with the divine, the universe and the state of pure consciousness. This may sound like a lofty concept and we may ask ourselves: ‘why do I want to connect to the universe?,’ ‘what is the divine?,’ ‘how do i get there?’ The beauty of this chakra is that it’s such a subtle place in the body, yet so powerful once we surrender to it. Have you ever had a moment when you were trying to figure out a solution to a problem whether it be at work, or in a relationship, or even finishing a project, and suddenly everything just made sense? That is the energy of the universe guiding your intuition.The highest and most ‘enlightened’ version of ourselves is something that can be attained by understanding that the very thing that divides us, is the thing that unites us.

We are part of a society where money, power, party lines, and religion define us. We make a habit of fighting with each other because of our difference of opinions, but aren’t we all seeking the same truth?; the journey and privilege to discover who we are, follow our desires and be happy? Sometimes it’s hard to relate to someone who believes something completely opposite of your beliefs and this can stir up emotions of anger, and judgement. It’s so easy to point fingers and tell people what they need to fix within themselves, but this is just a mirror to look inside ourselves and do our own work. The mind and our ego brain always tries to make excuses and keep us from achieving our highest potential, but if we can start to separate our truest Self by stripping away the labels of ‘mom,’ ‘husband,’ ‘Democrat,’ ‘teacher,’ ‘Christian,’ etc, then we can start to experience the link between the body and mind. When we are able to connect to ourselves on a deeper level and free ourselves from our physical body and the thoughts of the mind, then the separateness among one another will start to dissolve and the magic will start to unfold.

If we can tune in, give ourselves the opportunity to listen and to honor the subtle messages we receive everyday, then we start to tap into and unlock the seventh chakra. The guidance of the universe is so special because we are all part it it. We are all giving and receiving energy. The energy that we receive as individuals gives back to the collective pool of consciousness. The power that comes with knowing this is the ultimate spiritual liberation. In the midst of so much tragedy going on in the world, it’s important to remember the power that we possess within ourselves to rise above the separation of thoughts, beliefs, looks, sexuality, and emotions; that we are all living beings existing in a vast universe of energy and wonder; that we are all just trying to survive. Let our independence, our freedom, and our uniqueness that we experience within ourselves be the things that unite us and create understanding among each other. We are all divine and to see your neighbor as just a reflection of yourself is truly the path of the enlightened.