In our 200 hour program, Advanced Practitioner Training we strive to have students practice silence between lectures, practices, and during the four months they are in training at the studio. Some groups do an amazing job while other groups find this part to be the most difficult aspect of the training.

In silence we can hear, we can feel, we can process and we can digest (physically and mentally). During our practice of silence, we accumulate prana, our vital life force. Spend just one day observing how many times you verbally speak something of no importance or as a space filler – I am sure you will be amazed. If you were to have a conversation with someone and you both talked the whole time, you wouldn’t know what your friend was trying to say; it would be a very unproductive connection between the two of you. This is what happens without silence with ourselves. In silence or with the practice of mouna, we get to know our true selves. Sometimes the silence starts as falsehoods from our upbringing or culture, example “you are not pretty enough.” This is untrue but may be the first voice you hear. But through sitting in silence and observing the breath, you will begin to realize that is a lie and you are an “island of excellence” (Pandit Rajmani Tigunait). Practicing mouna and focusing the mind on the breath, the mind will anchor into something much greater than our superficial thoughts, an essence of Divine consciousness. This practice is called pratyahara, one of the 8 limbs of yoga.

On the Bihir School of Yoga site, it gives a great practice. For one month, try not talking during your meals; see and feel the difference in your digestion on both a physical and energetic realm.

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