By: Tina Crandell

The Sanskrit word, lila (pronounced “lee-lah”), means play. More specifically, divine play, or the play of the gods. While the term is much richer than our word, certain sentiments are shared: that play is something spontaneous, inspired, and magical. 

Children are our best teachers when it comes to play as they are instinctively curious, creative, and joyful. They have a remarkable spirit and joy for the moment. When I teach yoga to children, I marvel at how they are unburdened by self-consciousness in movement. They are not influenced by pre-conditioned notions of themselves or others. The essence of lila is brilliantly weaved into the fabric of their very being and naturally manifests itself in everything they do. 

Children make great yoga teachers. This month try reconnecting to your inner-child and practice with a child-like curiosity. Let go of inhibitions and try not take yourself too seriously. By doing so you invite more spontaneity, creativity, and magic into your practice. By letting go of judgment and perfection you make space for more joy, freedom, and simplicity in movement and the moment. 

If you have children, practice yoga with them. Allow them to inspire you while you gift them the seeds that will bloom into a life-long love of yoga.

In the spirit of lila, every Sunday in October BambooMoves Baltimore will host a Kids Yoga Series (ages 4-7 years old). Drop your little yogis off for an hour of laughter and play!